The Google map you see below gives you an idea where Islanders Paradise Beach Resort is located. Please click the “enlarge map” link below to see a larger map with all features at Google Maps. If you use the enlagre icon within the map on this page you will get a very detailed view on a very high zoom level. For those who are not so familiar with the Google Maps here is a brief instruction how to use it. First of all: When ever you get lost within the navigation – just reload the page and the map is reseted. With a double click you can zoom in and enlarge the map.
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Siquijor is located in Visayas which is a group of islands in the Philippines. Cebu, Negros and Bohol are belonging to the Visayas.From abroad there are two main travel routes to get to Islanders Paradise Beach Resort, Siquijor island:

Via Manila

If you travel via Manila you can take a plane to Dumaguete which will take only around 1 hour. There are two airlines going to Dumaguete:
Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific.

Or you take a boat to Dumaguete. This will take at least 24 hours.

Depending on your arrival in Manila you might stay one night there before you can go on. There are many hotels – most of them with international standard – which you can select.

Arriving at Dumaguete the next step will be to take a boat to Siquijor island. If you are not able to get a trip the same day you arrived in Dumaguete you can stay in one of the many good hotels in the town.As of now you have the choice of these boats:

  • A speed boat called Delta (no website yet) which needs only around 45 minutes to Siquijor town. At the weekend there might be a good chance that the Delta goes directly to Larena which is located near to Sandugan Beach the place of Islanders Paradise Beach Resort.
  • Another speed boat called Oceanjet a big vessel which goes to Siquijor town. Also this vessel needs around 45 minutes.
  • A so called pump boat which is slower and needs around 2 hours to Larena.

If you like we will pick you up from the pier in Siquijor or Larena with our own Jeepney. Please let us know when you book. Upon your request we can pick you up from either pier, Siquijor or Larena. For more details see Service and Facilities.

If you do not wish to avail of our pick up/transfer service, you can take the public transports available at either pier on your arrival.

A small plane is available from Dumaguete for Siquijor. Please inquire at Dumaguete airport for further information. If you like we will pick you up from the airport in Siquijor which is a little bit far away from Islanders Paradise Beach Resort.

Via Cebu City

If you arrive in Cebu City there will be a speed boat – the Oceanjet – going to Siquijor town via Tagbilaran,Bohol and Dumaguete, Negros. It will take around 5 hours. In Cebu you will find also several good hotels in case you have to stay overnight before getting the boat to Siquijor.

Please understand that we can not mention the correct prices and departures of the tranportations. These datas are changing very often and will not last for a longer time.