Things to see and do in Siquijor…..

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at the beachhouse in rice fieldbeach

During the day you can just sit, relax, and enjoy the tranquility of Islanders with a good book and a nice refreshing drink of your choice. Or you can swim in the clear and warm water of the Chinese Sea and snorkel around the colorful displays just a few yards in front of your own home.Finish of your day with a romantic stroll along the beach after your evening meal and witness the trees illuminated by the famous fireflies of Sandugan.

A weekly disco is held at the barangay hall which I personally recommend you give it a go. It’s a complete eye opener, a highlight of the week for every local resident. Very friendly people are there and welcome whoever you are. Just let our staff know if you wish to experience this and they’ll be happy to take you there.

Another good idea is to hire a bike, tricycle or even a jeepney to explore what the island has to offer. Be adventurous and bike up the hills on its lush terrain and enjoy that spectacular view around the island. Alternatively you can hire a pump boat and tour around the coast. At service and facilities you will find some of our offers and prices.

Walking around the beautiful surroundings and get in contact with some of the local people in the barangay (village) will be another great experience. Have a more details check with the tour descriptions and be inspired to one of the exciting tours we introduced to you or become interested in some of the other activities.